Just prayed to a God I don’t believe in

The Script – Break Even

The lyrics of this song have came to mind many times in recent months, one line in particular actually : “Just prayed to a God that I don’t believe in”.
Kinda got me thinking abit about prayer, and our approach to it, and societies opinion about prayer and God I guess.  As a Christian who believes there is a God, and who has experienced the forgiveness of Christ, enabling me to be in a living relationship with the God of all creation through him, what significance does prayer take in my life?  Do I believe that God “hears and answers” my prayers? Do I believe in the power of prayer?
I’ve been challenged about my attitude to prayer, and it’s place in my journey of faith thus far : something I’ve been looking together at with our young people at our breakfast club, using the resources from the youth awake call to prayer happening during the period of lent.

So what’s your thoughts on prayer, feel free to leave a comment…

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  1. No thoughts on prayer right now but thoughts on how much the Script have got me thinking more spiritually in general. I can’t help thinking about “the man who can’t be moved” being like God waiting for us to come to him everyday, and then “we cry” makes me think about how God’s heart breaks for those in need and how we should be in step with that.

  2. You have “experienced the forgiveness of Christ”? Even if he was existant, it still is extremely arrogant to say that you out of the millions of people in the world would get forgiveness for your sins. He probably has better thinks to do. And if he actually does care about one living being in this world, he wouldn’t just forgive him just because you tell him he’s so awesome, you have to work for it. Not praying, just trying. If you stole something, give it back, don’t start praying to god so he can forgive you. If you want to go to that so called “heaven”, you should act like a responsible adult instead of putting your hands together and throw yourself at the feet of someone who presumably lived 2000 years ago. That’s all.

  3. First off, I mean no offense to anyone, so please don’t take what I say the wrong way…
    I think people pray because it makes them feel better. It makes them feel like someone is listening, when really, they’re not sure. Religion has always been something so difficult for me to understand. I think that faith is something people say they have when times get tough and they need SOMETHING to believe in. They want to believe that if they have faith then everything will turn out alright, and that if they don’t then whatever went wrong was because of their lack of faith in God. I believe that the events in our life take place because of the good, or bad, choices we made, and prayer is a simple way to get out of taking full responsibility for what we do. You see, I feel that if you pray to God and He doesn’t grant what you “asked for” then we say God doesn’t love us and has forgotten about us, therefor because He has forsaken you, the outcome of your situation occured.

  4. I agree with the last comment. You see I feel that people think god is a convenient magic tooth fairy, call on him when you need him, forget about him when you don’t. There are bad hearted people who claim they are Christians…. and there are good hearted people who claim they are atheist. We do have free will. I feel if you are a true believer (and I dont think there are many genuine ones around), you will accept god in your life in good and bad times, not just when you need him. I don’t believe our destination, i.e. success in life is god’s doing… we have choices… I don’t feel Beyonce is where she is (this is just an example), she is a brilliant artist… but I don’t think she is where she is because god took her there. I feel God is there for spiritual happiness, not monetary or physical success. I feel if one does pray it should be for spiritual happiness, but many people pay for that great job, or if they are broke to be rich, famous, you name it…. which I think is quite sad really and to a point ignorant…… I would say we are all made in likeness of god…. and would you honour an individual who prays to get a million dollar job over someone who is starving, think about it…. Or would you honour a 40 year old who is about to lose a parent over the 10 year old dependant child about to lose a parent. A good soul, a happy heart, selflessness, wisdom, knowledge and love …where are they?

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