Lessons from the gooseneck barnacle

Bit of a random title for a blog post perhaps, but this was what we encountered on visiting Portstewart Strand during my hols a couple of weeks ago : quite possibly the weirdest thing i’ve witnessed outside of Pirates of the Carribbean and the sci-fi world of special effects in the movies.  Needless to say it generated quite abit of interest, and attracted quite a following each subsequent day we visited, even making it onto the local news.  So how did we find out what this creature was : well no surprises in this technological age it was through a range of modern media that our quest found the answers before it became headline news : post a photo on facebook, await responses as friends scar google, and confirm through wikipedia all before the local media had a sniff of it !!

Anyway why am I recording this sighting here in my blog, what lessons are there from this random looking sea urchin that was washed up rather obscurely on our north coast shores.  Well the answer comes after abit of wikipedia-ing to find out abit about this strange creature.  Two things that stand out about what’s required for it’s survival :

  • It needs to be firmly rooted / attached to something solid (usually driftwood / rocks) to survive
  • It depends on water motion for feeding and ultimately their survival

This got me thinking abit about what’s required for the daily survival of my faith in a spiritual sense, partly because I was attending New Horizon and being challenged in this area of my life.  I was left with the challenge “Am I firmly rooted in my spiritual walk, or merely drifting along, going with the flow and ultimately dying in my faith”.  The lyrics from the song Fall for Anything by the Irish band The Script have been ringing in my head of late “You’ve gotta stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”.  And I guess this encounter with the gooseneck barnacle, and finding out abit more about it reminded me of the importance of :

  • Staying grounded in scripture, developing my prayer life and deepening my relationship with my Father God who created me, and gives me purpose and direction for this faith journey i’m on.
  • Allowing His Spirit to flow in and through my life, changing me daily to be more like the Saviour whose name I bear as i continue in this journey as a sinner in rehab, saved by His Amazing Grace, trying to flesh out my new found faith daily in the world in which he has placed me and called me to be His salt and light difference.

So there you have it, some musing’s from my encounter with the gooseneck barnacle, and the importance of being rooted in scripture, persistent in prayer, and open to the Spitit’s leading in and through my life.


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