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Wouldn’t it be great if it was like this all the time

Just finished the week of CSSM, and again have been reminded of how God moves when his people serve and obey. On a team like this your totally reliant on God for everything, and daily you see his answers to prayer as he gives you the strength and enthusiasm to keep on beyond your own abilities. Its also an amazing experience to see God use a group of diverse yet gifted people from different walks of life who share the same common goal of serving their Saviour and proclaiming the gospel in word and deed. What a privilege to be involved in Gods kingdom work in this way and share in fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ in serving Him.

Now the preparations for Reachout begin, another fantastic opportunity to proclaim the Good News of the gospel in word and deed to the young people in our community, and through them to the wider community.

Almighty God, what a privilege that you choose to use fallen sinners like me in your kingdom work, may your name be glorified and your grace abound. Break me, shape me, mould me, use me in accordance with your will.



These are the words that spring to mind as I reflect on what was an awesome week at CSSM in Ballycrochan last week. The evidence throughout of Gods hand protecting us, uplifting us and strengthening us was amazing, and as we lifted our prayers before him each morning, that same evening we were found thanking Him for answered prayer.

The kids who came along were a mixed bunch, but we trust and pray that they will take something away from the week to challenge them in their faith, or indeed challenge them to make that commitment for the first time.

As always, I came away from the week as challenged myself as i’m sure any of the kids were, God has a way of pushing the boat out while on such weeks, as you find yourself so far out of your comfort zone that it is barely visible. I know that God has used this week to challenge me in my faith so that I will not be satisfied with “lukewarm” Christianity, and will strive to develop a faith that is living, vibrant, and on fire for Him.