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Mission 2008

On Tuesday night i’ll be meeting with others on a outreach committee in church to consider running a mission this time next year in our local community.  We had a brief meeting with Paul Hoey, a ministry consultant with CPAS who will so-ordinate with us and advise us on tunning an evangelistic mission and follow up activities next year.  Quite excited about the opportunities that will arise as we consider how we can re-connect with a community that is largely disconnected and indifferent to the Gospel of Christ and it’s relevance to their lives.  Since coming to faith this has been a burden on my heart, and something that drives me in the youthwork I seek to do, so i’m quite excited about what God can do over the coming months in preperation for the mission.

Alot of the time I find myself frustrated by church and it’s lack of vision and purpose, the attitude of keep doing what we have been doing, so i’m praying that God will use this mission opportunity to re-focus our attentions on our call to be a salt-and-light difference in society and adopting a missional approach to ministry.

Watch this space, further posts will follow