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Just prayed to a God I don’t believe in

The Script – Break Even

The lyrics of this song have came to mind many times in recent months, one line in particular actually : “Just prayed to a God that I don’t believe in”.
Kinda got me thinking abit about prayer, and our approach to it, and societies opinion about prayer and God I guess.  As a Christian who believes there is a God, and who has experienced the forgiveness of Christ, enabling me to be in a living relationship with the God of all creation through him, what significance does prayer take in my life?  Do I believe that God “hears and answers” my prayers? Do I believe in the power of prayer?
I’ve been challenged about my attitude to prayer, and it’s place in my journey of faith thus far : something I’ve been looking together at with our young people at our breakfast club, using the resources from the youth awake call to prayer happening during the period of lent.

So what’s your thoughts on prayer, feel free to leave a comment…

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Long time no post – a long overdue update

Well it’s been a while since I updated this thing, facebook and twitter are updated abit more frequently, but this blog has become abit of a barren land.  Since i’m on a day off work, thought i’d jot down a few thoughts here for anyone who’s interested.
2009 has started as hectic as 2008 finished, but life is good : another year older this past week – retirement looms closer by the day!!  Still carrying out some follow up to the mission we held back in October, have completed the Christianity Explored with our young people, and a will complete the adults course this Sunday.  Has been a busy time preparing weekly for this, but a real time of blessing I trust for all involved – fun, food, faith and fellowship make a good mix.
Looking ahead i’m hoping to start a conversation in coming months with church leaders, youth leaders, young people and parents about the youthwork we are doing, and hoping to develop abit of a strategy of where we go from here.  Exciting times, scary concept at times, but an opportune time to carry it out, and God willing direct and focus us in the days ahead.
In a rapidly changing world we often need to stop from our activity and ask the difficult questions of why/how/where/when we proclaim the never changing truth of the Gospel of Christ in a constantly changing world that is normality to our children and young people.

So thats what’s been going on, and abit of what will be lying ahead God willing, will attempt afresh to breathe some life into this dying blog again, and record my musings as I seek to make sense of this new found faith in the world I am experiencing.

Christmas Reflection – Silent Night

Silent Night : Foy Vance and Duke Special

Stop, Pause, Reflect


Well it’s been a while since I last updated the old blog, monthly postings of late as life’s got busy again.  Really looking forward to abit of a break this christmas time, youthwork finishing for a few weeks after Carol singing tonight, and life in general slowing down God willing over this Christmas period.
Things recently have been pretty manic, and I think this Christmas time will be a time of stepping back, and re-establishing the rhythm God intends for life.  I too easily fall into the trap of being busy doing stuff for God that I allow my relationship with God and those I love most to suffer, and thats not healthy on a spiritual of physical level.  Pausing to reflect isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but something i’m learning (slowly) is necessary to maintain the rhythm God intends for life, stepping back from the rat-race.

Top 10 Tips

Checkout Dingers blog for some great posts about his Top 10 tips for Youth Leaders, alot of food for thought, and stuff I’ve been pondering over for some years now and guess will continue to do so.  The attitude that if we’re getting kids along to activities, then we’re doing OK just doesn’t cut it with me.  We have a God given responsibility to pass on our faith to the next generation, but what does that look like and how do we do that effectively in todays quickly changing world.
Sometimes we need to stop, evaluate and ask the tough questions of ourselves and the ministries we are involved in so that we are passing on the faith to the next generation, and not merely the traditions and add-ons we have become accustomed to.  More thoughts will follow, but drop by Dingers blog to gain some healthy food for thought, until the next post………………………

Oasis @ Odyssey

At the oosis concert at the odyssey last night, amazing concert, so many top tunes by a band that are still producing quality music, if you haven’t bought it yet, check out their new album Dig Out Your Soul

Back to Blog

Well it’s been about a month since my last post, thought i’d better return again to the barren land of blog and give a quick update.  Life’s been busy of late, Get A Life mission has now been and gone, a great week which really drew the church together and was well received in the local community, but in many ways the hard work now begins as we consider the follow up programme.  Hoping to run a Christianity Explored course for those interested in further thinking through areas of the Christian faith, and taking a further step on the journey.  I’ll be co-ordinating the youth follow up course, using the CY material to journey through Marks gospel looking at who Jesus was, why he came, how he conquered death, and the implications of these truths in our ultimate choice in life : What are we going to do about it!  Looking forward to it, somewhat apprehensively as I’m not sure how I’m gonna find the time to prepare for it, but trusting God to provide me with the resources and ability to lead it by His Spirit.
Have a few further thoughts I intend to work through and post in the near future, still processing some of them myself, but will jot them down here at a future date.  This weekend see’s us taking a group of our youth up to MAD, a great weekend encouraging us to go deeper wiht God. So it’s bye for now, to return again soon………….

Back to Busy

Has felt like it’s never been anything but busy this past while, but youthwork has all kicked back into gear again, and each week flies into the other with increasing frequency.  I’m also doing a night class for work for the next 2 years which is gonna make life somewhat more hectic, but its all fun!!

Looking forward to the forthcoming mission, final preperations getting under way : the past year planning towards it has flown by.  Youth club and Breakfast in the Book have started back again, looking forward to the incoming year.  Have finally settled on a programme for the Sunday morning bible study, taking a wide-angled overview of the bible and how we can seek to use it to filter the culture that seeks to submerge this generation.  The young people have came up with some interesting topics for our “What the bible says about…..” series, ranging from pre-marital sex, alcohol and clubbing, war and terror, sport on the sabbath, other religions, poser/fake Christians and governments that impose anti-christian laws.  Interesting to get a snap-shot of the issues that make them tick, and will be interesting to explore and discuss these, looking to the un-changing Word of God for guidance.  I’ll have to do abit of thinking and research to do in order to lead these discussions and think through some of these issues, any good resources would be appreciated!!!

Anyway heres looking forward a busy year ahead, re-assuring to know I don’t do it in my own strength, and worship a God who can make step into my weakness and use me for his glory…

Upcoming Mission

Have been busy these past months planning and preparing events and literature for our forthcoming getalife mission.
As the weeks roll on, i’m increasingly aware that what we’ve been
working towards for the past year and more is going to be upon us very
soon.  I’m also aware of how important the follow up, and integration
will be for those in whom God will move by His Spirir to respond and
start on the life-changing journey of following Jesus.  This is why
there has been a distinct lack of posts in recent months on the old
blog, but I will attempt to make more regular posts in the months
ahead.  Mission and reaching out to those who are lost has been on my
mind alot lately, and the whole Integration into “church” and what that
looks like.  Still mulling over thoughts, somewhat confused and
frustrated, but eternally thankful that it’s not our work, but God who
works through our weakness.

Youth Ministry Summer School

This Thursday sees me heading off again to the Youth Ministry Summer School at Greenmount. It’s a great opportunity to get resourced, inspired, taught, connected and encouraged. I’ve blogged about it before, and look forward to the teaching provided this year by Kenda Creasy Dean and Marv Penner (details here), and hope to post some musings early next week. It’s a good opportunity to re-focus after a pretty busy summer with Reachout, and will help me as we plan for the year ahead. So watch this space, and leave a comment anyone who’s heading up this year and is reading this post.